Fat reduction

Fat reduction How fat reduction: Hello Encanta Lovers, as the people who read our previous blog already knew, today’s blog is all about FAT REMOVAL. In previous blogs, we touched on topics that go hand in hand with this blog. And those are extremely important in our Med Spa, services such as: Lipo Laser. Body […]

What is HIFU

What is HIFU Hello Encanta Lovers and welcome to our blog area, today we’ll continue with topics related to Body treatments. We’ll focus on the area of firmness and toning of the body, as our HIFU service. However, it’s important to clarify that this service not only serves the body but is also magnificent in […]

What is lipo laser

What is lipo laser Hello Encanta lovers and welcome back to our new blog, on body treatments. Today’s topic is one of the best treatments to remove fat and lose weight, lipo laser. The non-invasive lipo laser procedure is a very effective technique, which guarantees a loss of 3 to 5 cm per session. It […]

Body treatments

Body treatments Hello Encanta lovers and welcome back to our blog space, today we’re going to talk about body treatments. Everything you need to know about this topic, it’s going to be down below. We will focus on fat reduction, shaping, improving body texture and toning. What are body treatments? When we refer to treatments […]