Acne combo

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The acne combo is ideal for people who have acne conditions on their skin, specifically those who have strong and active acne. For this pack, we included our Benzoyl peroxide acne wash, our soft hydrating wash, our ultra-lite Aloe facial cream, and our Essential oil-free SPF 50 which does not cause any irritation.

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Use Instructions:
It’s ideal to use it for a certain period of time (3 months) as a treatment since the soap is designed to strongly treat this bacterium. After using it for this time, the only product that should be stopped is Benzoyl peroxide Acne wash soap and replace it with our Green tea soothing cleanser Soap Which is for all skin types. This soap, the moisturizer, and the sunscreen can always be used as part of your routine, but the Acne Wash should only be used as a treatment for a certain time period. If needed again, you would have to repeat the same process.


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