The 20’s & The 30’s combo

$176.80 + TAX

The ideal combo for those who are no longer teenagers but do not have mature skin either! It’s our same YOUNG STARTED combo, with the addition of our wonderful vitamin C, which improves the complexion, texture, tone, and firmness of the skin, giving it lighter and smoothness.

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Use Instructions:
Wash the skin well with our Ultra gentle cleanser. When the skin is dry, apply the moisturizing Ultra-lite aloe cream. The last step should always be Essential Mineral Tinted SPF 50.

For the nighttime routine, add vitamin C before the moisturizer, and you can even alternate days, one-day vitamin C, another-day moisturizer, or use them together if you want. Avoid sunscreen at night, especially since it has tint added into it, and go to sleep with the skin free of any type of pigment or “makeup”.


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