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Lash Extensions


Our classic lash extension set is perfect to enhance your natural beauty. In this procedure, the lash extensions will be applied one by one on your natural lashes giving you a full yet still natural look. We offer this service in mutiple lengths and diameters that will not harm your natural lashes.


When you want to add a little more volume to your lashes without going full volume, there are a few options you can choose from. 

Hybrid lashes - are a combination of two techniques, classic and volume lashes. 

2D lashes - This is the same technique as the classic lashes, but instad of single extension, they'll be put on in pairs. 

3D - Three lash extensions will be applied on every individual natural lash 

We offer these services in mutiple lengths and diameters that will not harm your natural lashes.


In the volume lashes technique, multiple individual lashes are put together in the form of a fan that will then be applied to an individual natural lash. The final result will give you a fuller and fluffier look.

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