4 steps to clean your eyelash extensions

Cleaning your eyelashes is crucial to maintain their hygiene and perfect condition, not doing so not only damages how your eyelashes look, but it also compromises your health and those of your natural eyelashes. If you do not clean them well of makeup remains, dirt, etc. . you can get infections and different diseases.

How to do it?

1. Remove Makeup.

2. Thoroughly Wash them with soap (if you have foam soap better) and water or a lash extension cleanser. While cleaning them, do it from top to bottom to make sure they’re fully clean.

3. Pat Dry with a lint-free towel or microfiber towel.

4. Brush your lashes 

Tips: Don’t wear mascara, avoid using oily products, don’t use cotton pads, don’t use makeup wipes 

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