Facials for acne

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Acne is a skin condition where the sebaceous glands become inflamed causing the appearance of pimples.

Mainly in critical areas such as the face and back.

This can be uncomfortable or affect people who suffer from it despite being something common and totally normal.

It can become a condition that compromises the self-esteem and health of patients.

What is the best facial for acne? Keep reading and you will know!

What is an acne facial?

An acne facial is a facial focused on a good cleaning for the skin.

Also, in these facials, this condition is treated with substances that help to gradually eliminate the acne bacteria.

With facials for acne, we manage to improve the complexion of our skin, achieving a better texture, cleaner pores, less irritation, and less redness.

Something important in these facials is the acne marks too.

We have different types of acne facials:


A deep cleaning focuses on extracting and purifying the pores, eliminating blackheads, and other imperfections.

In this facial, we use red and blue led lights to treat the bacteria and help decongest the skin.

Also, we combined different face masks and substances that help the skin to heal and feel smoother after the extractions.

Your skin it’s going to feel extra clean, luminous, clear, and amazing after this facial!

We also offer the option to combined this facial with injected PRP, because it potentializes the effects of both treatments.


What other procedures do we recommend for acne?

Not only is important to focus on the before and during the process of treating acne.

But we must also know what can be done after to control it since acne generally leaves sequels on the skin such as marks, irregularities in tone and texture, and scars deep or softer.

To treat this condition, we have high-intensity laser technology.

Definitely one of the best recommendations is PRP with our Laser ResurFX or ResurFX with IPL in our treatment PHOTOFRACTIONAL.

How often should I do it?

It’s recommended to get done these acne facials at least once a month.

In the same way, the specialist who performs the treatment can recommend the appropriate time to perform each facial again, depending on each person’s needs.

Anyone who has the condition of acne can get done this type of facial.

Even teenagers, as these facials will help treat this condition early on.

The skins that don’t have an acne condition can get these facials done too since we all need a good cleaning to renew the appearance of our skin.

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