How laser carbon peel works?

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Lately, we’re loved doing skincare blogs. We really enjoy creating this type of content that is still trending for 2022.

Today, the topic is going to be one of our famous facial laser treatments, CARBON PEEL.

What is carbon peel?

It’s a treatment for the face that combines the properties of activated carbon.

Special for the skin, with the benefits of laser.

The laser technician or the Doctor in charge will spread a layer of liquid active carbon.

Once the carbon is dry enough, the specialist will “remove” the carbon with a special laser, such as PIQO4.

This process causes minimal damage to the skin, and that’s why it increases the production of collagen and elastin too.

There are notable benefits such as reduced pore size, control of oil production in the skin and acne, for a more even tone, healthier and brighter skin.

It gives you a better skin complexion and a softer texture.

Fine lines and wrinkles should be softer after one or more treatments!

We highly recommend doing it at least once a month.

This service is also incredible as a skincare treatment for men because men are more likely to have larger pores and tend to produce more oil on their skin

It can be combined with a deep pore cleansing facial, to improve all the treatment.

Is carbon peel safe?

The answer is yes! Carbon peel is completely safe for the skin.

The only thing that should be considered is to have good hydration after doing this treatment, and excellent sun care.

Also, after this treatment, you have to avoid some substances in your skincare routine just like retinol or VITAMIN C.

For at least 2 weeks, is very important to use sun protection and wear a hat or something to protect the face and all the area.

It’s normal if you see some flaking or experience dry skin for a few days.

We highly recommend using products that contain collagen, this is going to help you with your skin hydration.

Carbon peel is an incredible treatment, don’t be afraid to start with this procedure, your skin is going to love it!

We hope that all this information will help you to solve the doubts about carbon peel.

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