Differences between Microblading and Powder Brows (Microshading)

In this blog we want to talk to you about the difference between the microblading technique and the powder brows or microshading technique.

This treatment is performed on the first layer of the skin.

Its process is very similar to that of a tattoo, with the difference that it is not permanent and fades over time. Therefore it looks more natural and is less painful.

In Micro-pigmentation there are a variety of techniques that can be done on the entire face.

For example on the lips, to give them full color. On the eyes we use the eyeliner technique, where these lines are practically invisible and finally on the eyebrows we use the microblading and powder.  

The most popular micro pigmentation techniques on the market are:

1. Microblading.
2. Eyebrow Powder or Microshading.


What are the differences between microblading and powder brows (microshading)? Which one is better for you?

Microblading is a micro pigmentation technique, where the client's eyebrow hairs are imitated, giving the illusion that they are part of the eyebrow.

These little hairs are micro-pigmented on your skin to fill in your eyebrows, giving them a defined shape.

Also for people who don't have any hair. You can create very realistic eyebrows from scratch.

It is one of our longest-lasting micro-pigmentation techniques. It all depends on the skin pigmentation of the person. It can last between two to three years.

Ideal for people who have virgin eyebrows or if they have a previous tattoo that has almost completely lightened.

This style of micro-pigmentation needs skin without pigment so that the hair-by-hair effect eyebrow technique looks perfect.

If the client has a very marked procedure, the effect of microblading would not be well defined.

It is always better to consult with our micropigmentation specialist team so that you can evaluate to confirm:

  • If microblading can be done.
  • It is necessary to do laser tattoo removal.
  • Or if you should wait for the shade of the pigment to lighten more.


The Powder brows technique gives your eyebrows a makeup effect, just like when you apply eyeshadow or brow pencil.

It does not give a hair-to-hair effect. However, it is a very natural technique that even if the eyebrows are freshly done they can look a bit dark.

With the healing process they lighten their tone by 40% or more; depending on each person's skin, shaping your eyebrows according to your face.

If you love to make up your eyebrows, you will definitely love this shading technique.

It is very popular among young women who want to define their eyebrows and keep them perfect as if they already have makeup all day, no matter if you are at the gym, the beach, the pool.

You will always have your eyebrows intact.

Our shade can last from 8 to 12 months depending on the pigmentation of your skin.

For each person it is a different process.

Unlike Microblading, the powder brows technique can be performed on skin with a previous tattoo or micro-pigmentation.

You can correct the shape and color of the pigment that the client already had before without any problem.

In the same way, this technique is also perfect for virgin eyebrows.

Aftercare for Microblading and Powder Brows.

Both techniques, microblading and powder brows, generally require a touch-up 1 month after the procedure, for people that have bad pigmentation we offer a second and last touch-up 5 months after the first visit in order to perfect all the details that arise in the healing process.

It usually takes five days where you must moisturize your eyebrows with a special cream called A+D Ointment, you must take care of yourself from the sun, sea water and chlorinated water. 

You must wash your eyebrows carefully using your fingers with cold water and soap. 

The most important thing is that depending on the style you choose, you are always in the hands of a trained person, with extensive experience in the subject and according to your needs.

At Encanta our professionals have all the requirements to serve each client.

We are a certified, professional company specializing in eyebrows!

We look forward to giving you the best quality care and service.

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