Body treatments

Hello Encanta lovers and welcome back to our blog space, today we’re going to talk about body treatments.

Everything you need to know about this topic, it’s going to be down below.

We will focus on fat reduction, shaping, improving body texture and toning.

When we refer to treatments for the body, we are talking about a certain individual or combined processes that take place in the body of each person.

This is in order to achieve certain results, from the inside out.

There are a wide variety of treatments focused on different needs.

At Encanta Cejas Med Spa, we offer some of them, such as:

One of our most famous services for Fat Removal is lipo laser.

This is a treatment that uses different techniques to reduce measurements and shape the body, with visible results from the first session.

Mesotherapy also helps with fat removal, which is an aesthetic medical procedure that is performed using microinjections.

They are applied in the area to treat different conventional, homeopathic medicines, vitamins, amino acids, or minerals.

These attack localized fat, to rejuvenate the skin in the area and therefore improve its texture.


A famous service for draining retained fluids that can make us look bloated is Lymphatic drainage.

Using massages and different techniques helps us reduce inflammation or drain any retained liquid. This is ideal for people who have just undergone surgical procedures such as traditional lipo.


On the other hand, a very complete treatment that works with several techniques is undoubtedly the Body contour.

A mixture of techniques of Lipo laser, Skin tightening, Maderoterapia and more, can help reduce measurements but most of all to contour and shape the body.

On the other hand, we have services that complement the area of weight loss treatments but focus on cellulite, flaccidity, and the skin itself.

We offer Body treatments for cellulite, to improve the texture of the skin, on the legs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms.

These also help shape, tighten and tone the skin, with a process called HIFU that is Ultherapy.

In the area of tightening the skin we also offer skin tightening = Radiofrequency:

That heats the tissue producing collagen and elastin to tighten the skin and rejuvenate it, removing fat.

The Radio Frequency and lipo laser are ideal when combined with mesotherapy to enhance the effect of both treatments

We have different prices for individual sessions and for packages depending on the procedure that is chosen.

For example, the individual session for lipo laser is $ 98.

If you buy a package of 6 sessions, each session is worth $ 85.

And if you buy a package of 10 sessions, each session costs $ 80.

Sessions are done 2 to 3 times a week, leaving at least one day of rest between procedures.

An individual session of cellulite treatment is worth $ 85, but if you buy a pack of six, each session comes out to be $ 80 and if you buy a pack of 10 each session comes out to be $ 75.

Body Contour; each individual session is worth $ 98.

Mesotherapy Treatment; each session starts at $ 250.

The final value depends on what is evaluated with the doctor in charge.

HIFU is used to tighten the skin (ultherapy) the session in the abdomen costs between $ 800 – $ 1200 depending on the size of the area.

For the arms, the HIFU session is worth $ 800 and for the legs $ 1200, this treatment is of high intensity.

We recommend always leaving at least one month between sessions, making a maximum of 3 per year.

Generally, people only get one session and then one per year to maintain the treatment.

In our next blogs, we will explain more about the main treatments for the body.

Thanks for reading and we hope you don’t miss any of our next blogs, we know you are going to love them.

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