Eyelash lifting VS eyelash extension

Hello Encanta Lovers and welcome once again to our blog space, made with love to help with any questions you might have. Today’s topic is EYELASH LIFTING VS EYELASH EXTENSION.

Eyelash lifting and tinting is a technique that curls your lashes in a very natural way.

It can be done with just the lifting or add-on tint to give your lashes more of a makeup look.

Eyelash extensions are a technique where we apply for a lash extension on your natural eyelashes.

Unlike lifting in the eyelashes there are different styles:

Classic eyelash extensions: natural eyelash extensions are very popular in the market for their fresh look.

also ideal for people with thin lashes that cannot hold a thicker gauge in their eyes.

Hybrid lashes: a mix of styles in a single design that provides a modern and on-trend look.

Volume: for drama lovers, well-filled lashes with a striking look.

2D: for lovers of classic lashes who prefer a little more volume.

3D: for fuller-looking lashes but not your main focus.

Lash extensions are friendlier with your natural eyelashes and also more noticeable than lifting.

Lash extensions offer a wide variety of styles which makes them more dynamic than lifting.

Lifting is an ideal procedure for people who are not fans of lash extensions but still want to highlight their natural lashes.

It is also perfect for young people who want to start enhancing their beauty but still do not want to take the step of eyelash extensions.

We recommend this procedure when people feel that lash extensions are too noticeable.

Even in the classic style which makes lash lifting a perfect option.

Many men are also fans of lash lifting, as it lifts their eyelashes in a very natural way, more natural than eyelash extensions for them.

We do not recommend Eyelash lifting and tinting for people with weak or thin lashes.

As this process may be too strong for them, we do recommend getting classic eyelashes even if you have weak lashes.

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