Hello Encanta Lovers, as the people who read our previous blog already knew, today’s blog is all about FAT REMOVAL.

In previous blogs, we touched on topics that go hand in hand with this blog.

And those are extremely important in our Med Spa, services such as:

Today, we’ll focus on FAT REMOVAL and all the services we can offer on the topic…


This microinjection treatment has an effective effect on fat removal.

It combines different components that help burn localized fat and combat flaccidity.

This treatment is amazing for belly fat reduction too.

Doing it before lipo laser or HIFU gives us the effect of a further reduction of measures.

It also intensifies the firming effect on the skin and provides a lot more improvement in texture.

With this process, the skin is going to look younger, softer, and more luminous too.

The components that are used vary from vitamins, minerals, extracts of specialized chemicals for the body, or even natural components.

This procedure is also ideal for those people who like to enhance their physical activity results.

Well, it also goes as a perfect complement to exercise.

The number of sessions for this procedure depends on how the client reacts in the process.

Some people might even need more than six sessions or 10 to achieve the results they want, this does not mean that starting with a few sessions you will not see results.

It is important to clarify that mesotherapy is not only for the body, it is also ideal for the face.

Well, it has the same effects of shaping, firmness, and improvement of the texture in the areas of the face.

But its most popular use is without a doubt for everything related to Fat Removal.

Fat reduction with laser

In our past blogs, we talked about our Lipo Laser and HIFU services.

Very popular techniques in the market used for Fat reduction with Laser.

Both procedures work from the inside out to burn localized fat or in the case of HIFU also to tighten and tone the skin.

One of the most popular techniques for Fat Reduction or Fat removal is undoubtedly the lipo laser.

A service that mixes different manual techniques combined with the power of the laser to reduce between three to 5 cm per session.

If you want to know more about lipo laser and how it works, we invite you to read our last blog we will be linking it down below.

How lipo laser works:

In the same way, it’s ideal to know the HIFU service because, with this technique, we also treat localized fat areas and tighten the skin for a toned and molded effect:

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