Hair Removal

Hello Encanta Lovers, and welcome back to our blog space. Today we’re going to talk about hair removal.

Which is the best way to remove all the face and body hair.

Hair removal can be done in different ways such as waxing, laser hair removal, IPL, or with tweezers and creams.

That make your hair fall off.

Most of our clients prefer the laser hair removal technique.

It’s because it kills the hair follicle faster and in a much safer ways than other methods.

IPL is a intense pulse light which makes your skin look better and younger. 

With an even skin tone and it also rejuvenates the area while killing the hair follicles and eventually, hair will stop growing after a few sessions.

However, it does need maintenance every one or two years…

When will I see the results with laser hair removal?

It depends on each person and the hair type.

Approximately in 6 or 10 sessions people can appreciate the finished process.

After that, they can do a session per year to maintain the result, but results may vary depending on each individual.

Laser hair removal VS Traditional shaving:

Traditional Shaving with a razor can cause cuts or irritation to your skin.

With Laser is a safe way to remove hair while taking care of your skin!

Traditional shaving only removes your hair for a few days, investing a lot of time and money.

Laser offers you permanent results in a progressive way.

Traditional shaving is slow and is not practical in your routine.

Laser sessions are fast and effective.

Laser hair removal can be an amazing treatment as long as you’re in the right hands, with the right professionals.

It’s time for you to lose your fear and get the treatment in a safe and healthy way.

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