Laser hair removal services

Hello Encanta lovers and welcome to our new blog. In the last blog, we touched on Laser hair removal.

Today, we’ll focus on showing you all services regarding hair removal.

What are our laser hair removal services?

In the face area, we offer services such as LHR full-face or upper lip, chin, cheeks, forehead.

For our body, the areas are Underarms, abdomen, regular bikini, bikini line, v-neck, half leg, full legs.

Even half or full arms, back, lower back, upper back, toes, or full body.

It can be done in individual sessions or in packages of at least six sessions.

We always recommend buying a package in order to have more defined results, with six or ten sessions, big results can be seen.

There is not a specific number of sessions that will for sure guarantee the expected result.

Since it’s different for each person and reactions to the treatment may vary.

This process is ideal for men who are trying to prevent things such as folliculitis.

This happens with traditional methods of hair removal and it’s common in men who shave on a regular basis.

This irritation problem can also come up in a very high percentage of women.

Only in the case of men, it is a more constant problem.

For both cases, this laser hair removal is the solution.

Since it is the safest way to remove hair without damaging your skin or irritating it with these types of conditions.

For more information about prices for individual sessions or packages, we invite you to leave us a message, the contact is at the bottom of this page.

Do not be afraid to start this process with us, we know you will not regret it.

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