Permanent eyeliner

Hello our dear friends and welcome back to our blog space, today the topic is permanent eyeliner.

One of the best and long-lasting permanent makeup techniques, we love it!

This blog will help you to solve your doubts about if you should get permanent eyeliner.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent eyeliner consists of a micropigmentation technique that is done on the lash line and outside it, Imitating makeup eyeliner.

It’s not a tattoo, but the technique is similar.

By not being so deep in the skin, the pain is much more tolerable and sometimes imperceptible.

As it is micropigmentation and not tattoo, the result is more natural and delicate with the skin in this area.

This service is one of the most durable micropigmentation techniques in our Medspa.

Like all procedures, the duration of the result depends on each person since we all have different skin types.

After-care also influences the lasting of the service; we recommend avoiding sun exposure during the healing process.

Also, we recommend avoiding wearing makeup in this area and some activities like swimming during the healing process.

It generally lasts from one to four years.

It can last more or less depending on each person and how the pigment behaves on their skin.

It allows you to look as if you always have makeup on.

You’ll look perfect at the beach, the gym, as soon as you wake up … at all times.

It defines your look and gives you a fiercer look.

It gives your face light and adds definition to your eyes.

For people with few lashes, the liner gives the appearance of a fuller lash line without gaps.

Now that you know all of this? What did you think about what you learned?

We hope it has been helpful for you to make the decision to get your perfect lines.

Thanks for reading and we hope you have a wonderful day regardless of when you’re reading this.

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We hope to see you soon!

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