Hello Encanta Lovers and welcome to our blog area, today we’ll continue with topics related to Body treatments.

We’ll focus on the area of firmness and toning of the body, as our HIFU service.

However, it’s important to clarify that this service not only serves the body but is also magnificent in the different areas of the face.

We can even use Hifu on the neck.

Thus, a treatment not only for the body but for more areas, with the same benefit of toning, rejuvenating, and tightening the skin.

HIFU uses focused ultrasound energy to target the layers of skin just below the surface.

The ultrasound energy causes the tissue to heat up rapidly.

Once the cells in the targeted area reach a certain temperature, they experience cellular damage.

While this may seem counterintuitive, the damage actually stimulates the cells to produce more collagen.

Collagen is a protein that provides structure to the skin, and we lose it a lot during the years.

The increase in collagen results in tighter and firmer skin on the body and also on the face.

Since the high-frequency ultrasound beams are focused on a specific tissue site below the skin’s surface, there’s no damage to the upper layers of the skin and adjacent issue.

With this procedure, we uncover multiple benefits for the body such as:

  • Localized fat reduction.
  • Tone the skin of the body and tighten it.
  • Get a rejuvenated and even texture.
  • Shape the body, since the skin tightens and gives this effect.


And some spectacular effects in the areas of the face such as:

  • Wrinkle reduction.
  • Tightening sagging skin on the neck (sometimes called turkey neck).
  • Lifting the cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids.
  • Enhancing jawline definition.
  • Tightening of the decolletage.
  • Smoothing the skin

In our previous blog, we talked about the importance of this treatment for people who want to lose weight and reduce measures.

Well, HIFU goes hand in hand with this service.

Ideally, it would be better to first do laser lipo to reduce the greater localized fat and then do HIFU to tighten and tone the skin.

This would enhance the effects of both treatments and give the client a complete result.

This microinjection treatment has an effective effect on fat removal.

It combines different components that help burn localized fat and combat flaccidity.

Doing it before HIFU (Not the same day) gives us the effect of a further reduction of measures.

It also intensifies the firming effect on the skin and provides a lot more improvement in texture.

Those body shaping and cellulite treatments are also perfectly complemented by HIFU.

Doing these body treatments before having HIFU intensifies its effect.

It is ideal to complete these treatments before starting the HIFU treatment.

Our HIFU or Ultherapy service has a cost depending on the area in which it is going to focus.

The session in the abdomen costs between $ 800 – $ 1200 depending on the size of the area.

For the arms, the HIFU session is worth $ 800 and for the legs $ 1200. This treatment is of high intensity.

We recommend always leaving at least one month between sessions, making a maximum of 3 per year.

Generally, people only get one session and then one per year to maintain the treatment.

In previous blogs, we talked in more depth about all the treatments that we mention on this blog.

We recommend reading them to better understand what each one is about.

Do not forget to be on the watch because our next blog will be on a very special topic: FAT REDUCTION.

We hope this blog has been useful, for more questions contact us, the information is at the bottom of this page.

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Take care and see you soon!

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