What’s lip blushing?

Hello Encanta lovers, welcome back to our blog space, today we’re going to talk about one of our favorite techniques, lip blushing or lip pigmentation.

In this blog, we’re going to give you everything you need to know about this service.

Lip blushing or lip pigmentation is a semi-permanent makeup technique that corrects the symmetry of your lips and gives you a more even lip tone.

The process is as if you were to get a tattoo but actually is micropigmentation.

This means that lip blushing is not that deep and painful as a tattoo.

This technique enhances the beauty of your natural lips, giving you a better look.

With lip blushing your lips will look a little bit fuller and very defined.

You can choose between a lot of color options, like peachy, neutral, red or rosy tones, etc.…

This technique is semi-permanent makeup which means is not going to last the same as a tattoo.

That’s why Is so soft and natural, and not as painful as a tattoo.

But that doesn’t mean this technique is not going to last a lot, in fact, it’s one of the longest-lasting permanent makeup procedures.

How much it lasts depends on each person and the way that they absorb the pigment.

But it usually lasts one – three years.

Aftercare is one of the most important things about this procedure.

On the first day is better to avoid hot drinks, alcohol, and spicy or acid food.

You have to keep the lips clean and also hydrated or protected with AD ointment cream or Aquaphor cream.

The cream is the most important step in the aftercare routine because this is going to help the healing process to be faster and give you the best results.

We also recommend avoiding sun exposure, wearing a hat during the healing process will help out a lot.

It’s normal if you see a little bit of scalp, it’s going to fall by itself, it should not be pulled off.

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