Hydrated Skin

Hello Encanta lovers. Welcome back to our blog space! Today we’re going to talk about HYDRATED SKIN… One of the most popular beauty trends of 2022.

Hydrating your skin means increasing its water content.

If your skin is well hydrated will look more luminous, healthier, and smooth.

A Hydrated skin feels flexible and comfortable, with a younger look and prettier texture.

Dehydrated skin looks dry, with a rough texture and flaky.

Many things can cause Dehydrated skin, like extreme temperatures, age, over-exfoliation, some skincare products or medicines can cause this condition too.

With a good hydration routine, your skin is going to feel better inside and out.

But is not enough with only hydration, if you want to keep the water that you applied to your skin for a long time, you have to moisturizer too.

Hydration is about applying water to your skin.

Moisturization is about keeping that water inside.

Hydration for the skin is adding water to it but moisturizing your skin implies applying ingredients that lock the water inside, so you can retain the hydration longer.

A way that you can do that is by applying a Hydrating Serum after washing your face and then a Moisturizer cream, in oily skin the moisturizer cream has to be oil-free.

For a good hydration routine, we recommend an ULTRA-GENTLE CLEANSER that can maintain your skin hydrated meanwhile you’re cleaning it:

For hydration, we recommend using our GREEN TEA SOOTHING MIST and then our HYDRATION SERUM, which is full of hyaluronic acid, this is going to keep your skin healthier, smooth, and radiant:

For moisturizing you can use our LIPID REPLENISHING SOFT CREAM which is formulated to equalize the balance of skin’s natural moisture levels, resulting in a healthy skin barrier and a more youthful complexion:

SUNBLOCK IS A MUST! Our ESSENTIAL MINERAL WATERPROOF SUNSCREEN with tint evens out skin complexion. It is recommended for people with normal to dry skin, but for oily skin, we recommend our ESSENTIAL OIL FREE SHEER SPF 50:

Hydration is very important for us and we hope is important for you as well.

In our Medspa, we have a lot of treatments to increase the hydration and improve the appearance of your skin, like:

PRP injected or with dermapen, Hydrating Facial, Aqua Gold treatment, Fillers, and more!

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Have a good one and see you on our next blog! Bye!


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