Micropigmentation (microblading vs powder brows)

Hello again Encanta lovers, in today’s blog we’re going to talk about Micropigmentation.

Micropigmentation is a technique similar to a tattoo but in the outermost layer of the skin.

Which makes it more natural and less painful than a tattoo.

Microblading is a micropigmentation technique, that gives off a hair-by-hair effect.

In this technique, the empty spaces of your eyebrows can be filled, and a personalized design is created accordingly to your face.

On the other side, The Powder brows (microshading) technique, gives off a makeup effect.

As if the eyebrows were painted on with a brow pencil or eyebrow makeup.

The natural hair color and skin type are important for the design, that’s why it is a very personalized service.

The duration of any type of Micropigmentation depends entirely on the person, it is different for each person.

The hair-by-hair effect tends to last between two to three years, it is not permanent like a tattoo.

But the Powder brows technique lasts less than microblading, usually, it lasts six to 12 months.

Before that and in some cases the microblading or powder brows can fade enough, looking almost invisible.

This procedure has a healing time of less than a week.

To choose which is the best technique for you, you should know that it also depends a lot on your skin type.

Because for people with oily skin or with very large pores, Microblading may not be so favorable in the healing process.

Since the size of your pores can expand.

Since the size of your pores can expand.

In this case it is better to opt for a shading, which would not have any problem.

This does not mean that Microblading won’t work on some oily skin, it is only a factor that can determine the result.

Also, for people who already have a previous procedure on their eyebrows, is important to know some things about it.

If they want to choose Microblading, the color of this procedure and the shape must be soft and faded enough.

To be able to see the effect of hair by hair.

Otherwise, it will look like a stain and the previous procedure will always be seen in the background.

In some cases, when the procedure is light enough, Microblading can be done without problem.

Meanwhile, in the case of the shading technique, anyone can choose it, both people with oily skin or enlarged pores.

As well as people with previous procedures, the previous procedure can be covered without problem.

The only thing that would influence is that the previous design in the area.

It would be done based on the procedure that the person already has, trying to correct it enough but still depending on it.

Micropigmentation can be removed with our laser technology, which is PIQo4.

This laser destroys the pigment on the skin, like Tattoo removal.

Usually when is micropigmentation and not a tattoo, it can be removed in just one session.

It’s easier to removal, because is not super deep and strong as a tattoo.

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Both micropigmentation techniques, are available at Encanta Cejas Miami and Encanta Cejas Medellín.

Bye-bye Encanta Lovers, and see you on our next blog!

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