PRP For the face

Hello everyone and welcome to a new blog full of information that you will surely love, here we will solve all your doubts about the PRP for the face.

What does PRP mean?

Platelet rich plasma, is an advanced treatment in technology to extract platelet-rich plasma components, which are full of benefits that regenerate the skin and healing.The sample is taken from the same blood from the client and then applied to the skin with micro needles.

Thus, obtaining a rejuvenated skin with impressive changes in:

  • The improvement of the texture, And in the reduction of lines and wrinkles.
  • It helps to reduce the appearance of spots and irregularities in the tone.
  • It gives an effect on the skin of Vitality and youth.

Some dermatologists call it the elixir of life in facial treatments.

You can apply only the plasma or combine it with vitamins that will enhance the effect of PRP.

Thus being a cocktail of nutrients for your skin.

It is a treatment that works in depth on the skin, which positions it at the highest points with respect to other facial treatments.

How is the PRP done?

The PRP can be done in several ways:

  • Injected by our Nurse Practitioner.
  • Or with Derma pen, which is a pencil that applies plasma by means of micro needles.

Both are excellent techniques that give incredible results. The only difference is that the injected PRP works deeper, this does not mean that the treatment is painful.

When plasma is injected, people may think that it is harder and more painful, but in reality it is a quite bearable sensation.

Our Nurse Practitioner  uses micro cannulas to improve the sensation of the injection when entering your skin.

It is very tolerable, but it will always depend on each person.¿PRP cuando se ven los resultados?

From the first moment, the results are noticeable in the texture and luminosity of the skin.

The full effect can be noticed after a month or three months.

It is at that point where the client can decide how many sessions he wants to do according to the results and their need.

It is always advisable to do it sporadically after having completed the initial sessions to keep the results and your skin healthy!

In Encanta the main thing is to give an excellent quality service to our Customers, and the PRP is no exception.

Without a doubt, it has become one of the best facial services we offer in our MEDSPA.

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We are waiting for you to have the baby skin you have always wanted!

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