Permanent eyeliner

Hello Encanta Lovers, today is the turn of the permanent Eyeliner!


We love this blog space because it's like talking with friends about these beauty topics that we like so much...

We brought this blog to people who love makeup and delineated, because we know that they will love this service By Encanta.

Permanent eye eyeliner, permanent eyeliner or permanent eyeliner...

It is one of the most loved and lasting services of our medspa.


What is the permanent eyeliner?

Permanent delineation consists of a micropigmentation technique that is done in the line of the eyelashes and outside it.


Imitating the eyeliner of makeup.

It's not a tattoo, but the technique is similar.

Not being so deep in the skin, its pain is much more tolerable and sometimes imperceptible.


Being micropigmentation and not tattoo, the result is more natural and delicate with the skin of this area.


How long does the permanent eyeliner last?

This service is one of the most long-lasting micropigmentation techniques in our Medspa.

Like all procedures, the duration of the result depends on each person, because we all have different skin.

After-service care also influences the duration of the service.

It usually lasts from one to four years.

It can last more or less depending on each person and how the pigment behaves on their skin.

What styles of eyeliner are there?

In Encanta we have invisible lines that go along the entire line of the eyelashes filling it in.

Thick lines that are wider than the invisible ones for a more noticeable effect.

And lines delineated effect that imitate the effect of the delineated with tail or wing that we usually do when putting on makeup.

These styles are chosen according to the needs of each person and their preference.

When we talk about choosing them according to the need, we refer to the structure of the person's eye and their requirements.

It is because of them that our specialists are fully trained to advise you.

And so, give you a totally personalized service.

To find out which is the best, we offer you virtual advice through wpp or through our Instagram @encantacejas

All these styles are available at our headquarters in Medellín and Miami.

What are the benefits of permanent delineate?

It allows you to look like you always have makeup, you are perfect on the beach, the gym, just up... at all times.

Mark your gaze and give it strength.

It gives life to your face and your eyes look more defined.

In the case of people with few eyelashes, the outline gives the appearance of a fuller line of eyelashes without spaces.

Now knowing all this... What did you think of this blog?

We hope it has been helpful for you to make the decision to encourage you to get your perfect lines.

Thank you for reading us and we hope you have an excellent day, regardless of when you read this.

Below on our website you will find the contact number of our headquarters in Medellín and Miami.

See you soon!

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